100 Years of Fashion

100 Years of Fashion (Mode.com)

Have you seen Mode's 100 years of fashion in under 3 minutes?  It's an awesome recap of the biggest trends that created each decade's most iconic fashion. It's amazing how some decades drove the trend for the next (like 1955 to 1965), while some move in an entirely different direction completely (like 1975 to 1985).  I love looking to past trends for current inspiration... why reinvent the wheel when there are so many gorgeous looks waiting to be modernized?  My personal faves are 1955 & 1965... I love the nod to Hollywood glamour and the idea of dressing up for every occasion. 

Not to mention it was in the 1960's when the women's liberation movement started, and there was a strong cultural change with more of women entering the paid workplace. Can you even believe in the 1960's a bank could refuse to give an unmarried woman a credit card?  Women also couldn't get an Ivy League education (Harvard didn't admit women until 1977), and we earned $0.59 to the dollar that men made. So while we have made progress (women now earn $0.77 to the dollar) - we have a long ways to go... and I feel a personal duty to maximize the opportunities that women of the past made possible. We need to continue to fight to be seen as equals so we can all celebrate the day when women earn $1.01 to a man's dollar :)


Office T-shirt

T-shirt (Stylemint); Skirt (Banana Republic); Sandals (Nine West)

Summer office style is easy, casual, and laid back (which for me means less makeup, less jewelry and open toe sandals). And one of my favorite things about a pencil skirt is that you can pair almost anything with it, and it automatically creates an office appropriate look. Like this striped 3/4 sleeve shirt - which I typically wear with sweats around the house. Since I can't wear sweats to the office - this is the next best thing. And these pics of Rex are a glimpse of my after work routine... he is always a few feet away and ready to play. So really this look is perfect for my post work transformation... less time required to get ready for playtime with my favorite furry buddy.


Friday Find

Shoe-Pourri (Amazon)

The real and stinky reality is that your shoes are going to get funky. And not a good funky.  In the past I had tried putting baking soda and dyer sheets in said funky shoes, and even had tried some of the deodorizing sprays. Truly nothing worked and there were some beloved heels I avoided wearing for one very smelly reason.  And then I heard about Shoe-Pourri... it's a shoe odor eliminator that really works! It's less than $15 on Amazon, and has a nice cedar smell that truly zaps the funk out of your favorite shoes (and the shoes of any other stinky feet in your life)... So you can leave the funky to your style and music ;)


Glazed Salmon & Asparagus

My husband did all of the work on this one... but his accomplishments are my accomplishments, right?  Typically when we grill it's safe to assume it's either chicken, burgers, or chicken.  Fish gets a little scary - it can quickly go from cooked to overcooked, and eating undercooked fish just doesn't work unless you're eating sushi... but we're adults right?  We can handle grilling salmon! That's exactly what we told ourselves.  Tom found a recipe that included a salmon glaze made with maple syrup (and it was amazing).  We grilled up some asparagus on the side and it was one of the easiest and delicious meals we've had in a while.  And we felt like bonafide adults mastering a chef worthy meal :)

For the salmon and glaze recipe click here


10 Extra Minutes

Dress (Marshalls); Scarf (Ann Taylor Loft); Shoes (Nine West)

There are mornings where those few extra moments of glorious sleep are worth every shortcut. On the days I hit snooze, those shortcuts include wearing a dress (vs staring at my closet trying to put two pieces together), minimal eye makeup (one shadow, eyeliner, and mascara), and easy hair (a minute and a half with a flat iron).  This happens more often than not... So on the days I don't hit snooze and spend the extra time on my routine, I usually get a "oh your hair looks so nice today", or "did you do something different"?  I should probably be encouraged on how much nicer I can look when I put more effort in - but some days those ten extra minutes of sleep are worth so much more than a good hair day ;)