What Goes Around Comes Around

Zorbitz Karma Bracelet (LuckyVitamin.com); Dogeared Karma Necklace (Nordstrom)
I'm a huge believer in Karma... that our actions trigger the cycle of cause and effect. I'm reminded of this when I've acted like a jerk and subsequently trip over my heels, spill coffee on my white pants, and/or lose my hard drive at work... each of which has happened in the not so distant past.  So I like having these cute pieces not only to add to an outfit - but to remind me that what I put out in the world will be coming back.  And to be nice :)



Strolling in downtown Hopkins MN: Image by Jessica Barker Photography

 Welcome to Pearls & Paws - a blog intended to share my perspectives and passion on life, fashion (particulary in looking like a million bucks for much much less), and my little dog Rex :)  Many thanks to Jessica Barker Photography - who helped bring the idea of this blog to life by capturing some amazing images.